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Summer Fun Days 3-7 August 8, 2010

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Summer Fun Day 3: Uncle visit and Pediatrician appointment. Fuuxhawkboy had his 9 month visit right smack in the middle of the afternoon so we hung with his uncle in the morning and he accompanied us to the pediatrician. Fauxhawkboy got a clean bill of health and we headed back to my parents house. We played for a while and had pizza together before heading home.

Summer Fun Day 4: We visited the Philadelphia Zoo. Fauxhawkboy was a great age for the zoo and it was wonderful to watch his face as he searched a scene and then saw his smile appear as he found the animals in the exhibits.  I took photos of each animal/exhibit we saw and put them in a dollar store photo album for him to look at the next day so he could remember our trip!

Summer Fun Day 5: We stopped by Fauxhawkboy’s future childcare center to drop off some paperwork and sneak another peak at his classroom. I’m sure he’ll love playing with all of the other kids…mommy on the other hand will surely have a harder time with the transition! Then I let Fauxhawkboy play in his kiddie pool…two inches of water = hours of fun!

Summer Fun Day 6: We headed to a local spray park to play in the water. Fauxhawksdaddy was anxious to take him there since he was working the first time we visited the spray park. We played in the water for a while and then headed to the playground swings to dry off a bit. Next, it was back to the car to pick up our picnic blanket and lunches. We headed to a shady area in the park and set up our blanket and enjoyed a nice quiet lunch. Fauxhawkboy relaxed with his bottle and re-enegrized for round two! We packed up and then headed to the spray park for a few more minutes before calling it a day!


Summer Fun Day 7: We hung with mee-maw and grandpa at their house, did some shopping, played in the kiddie pool, and explored mee-maw’s garden. I couldn’t help this adorable photo-op!

She loves me.She loves me not.She loves me!


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