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Bye Bye Binkies! August 8, 2010

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Yup! That’s right! We are officially binky FREE! At our last pediatrician appointment I asked the dr. what age he suggested we get rid of the binkies. He said he usually suggests by 12 months…and I asked him if it was too early to get rid of it now. He gave me some “cold turkey” advice and said “start tonight”! So, we did! Fauxhawkboy only really used a binky for naps, car rides, and bedtime…so I knew he wasn’t super attached. I figured it would be easier to get rid of now then in three months when he would only be more attached. Not to mention, I selfishly figured I’d rather go through a possible week of hell now, then when I’m back to work! The dr. did advise me that a week of “hell” would ensue! Beginning with the car ride home from our appointment I didn’t give Fauxhawkboy his binky. He was fine…not that I was surprised because it is only about a ten minute ride! That night at bedtime I put him to sleep without it and he didn’t have any trouble falling right to sleep. It was about 45 minutes past his normal bedtime and I think that definitely helped. Day 1 was a huge success…especially for a mommy reluctant to watch her little boy growing up so fast! Day 2 was great until…bedtime! Fauxhawkboy cried for about 20 minutes…which of course seemed like an eternity! We went in to comfort him twice and the third time I gave him a little more formula to soothe him to sleep. It helped and he finally fell asleep. I tried to remind myself that 20 minutes of a struggle in almost 48 hours was a drop in the bucket and the transition was going remarkably well. Day 3 was also a success! Besides waking up earlier than usual he didn’t seem to miss his binky at all. I did put him to sleep a little past his bedtime just to avoid the previous night’s crying. It worked like a charm and he fell right to sleep. Day 4 and 5 were equally successful and he started waking up in the morning at his regular time. I think I can officially say we are binky free! My little boy is growing up!


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