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Imagine That Children’s Museum August 2, 2010

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Imagine That is a Children’s Museum in Florham Park, NJ. We learned of the museum in the Kidstuff coupon book. It sounded fun so we checked it out online and put it on our “to do” list. The website had a lot of activities listed as well as an exhibit map. We knew Fauxhawkboy was old enough to play in both the music room and art room and decided that was enough to take the trip to the museum. When we got there we were happily surprised that there were a lot more activities for his age group then the website let on. We did visit the art room first. Fauxhawkboy painted a beautiful masterpiece using fingerpaints and a paintbrush. We hung it on a clothesline to dry while we explored the rest of the museum. Next, we explored a block table, funny mirrors, and activity tables. It was all at his level and he was able to stand and hold on while playing with everything. Next, we headed into the music room. Fauxhawkboy loves music! He mimics so many noises that we make including clicking his tongue, growling, rubbing his hand over his lips to make noises, and his latest, whistling! He always likes the musical shakers and bells from library storytimes so it was no surprise that this was his favorite room at the museum. He played drums, a gong, tambourines, bells, shakers, a piano, and more. We even bought him a souvenir tambourine from the gift shop on our way out. What fun! After stirring up quite a racket we explored the rest of the museum. Fauxhawkboy got to ride a motorcycle, fly an airplane, dress up and drive a fire truck, and drive a car! He loved it all. There was a light table, a miniature house, a spaceship, and so much more. It was definitely worth the trip and we will definitely revisit the museum next year as well.


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