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Garden State Discovery Museum June 30, 2010

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We visited the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill today.  We were scheduled to attend a music class at 10:30 specifically for Fauxhawkboy’s age range. The music class takes place every Tuesday at that time. When we arrived at the ticket counter we were informed that the music class was cancelled for today. I was disappointed to say the least since I wasn’t sure the rest of the museum would be age appropriate. The clerk gave us free passes for the day to compensate us for the cancelled music class. He offered us a map and showed us a room designed specifically for infant through 4 year olds. We headed there first and found a padded area with foam blocks, wavy mats, foam lily pads, and an altogether crawler friendly feel. Fauxhawkboy sat and played with the foam blocks for a few minutes and took in his surroundings. There were quite a few older toddlers running around the crawling area and he was really interested in them. Eventually he started to explore the rest of the area and crawled through a tunnel, made his way over the wavy mat  (pausing for a few push-ups), and checked out a discovery tube attached to the wall that was filled with beads, feathers, and sequins. We played for about 45 minutes before heading to the cafeteria area for some lunch! The rest of the museum was geared more towards older toddlers and young children and included a diner where kids could cook and serve food, a veterinarian’s office, a pirate ship, a computer lab, and plenty of other areas for dramatic play. If we head to the museum again we’ll definitely explore more and hopefully we’ll be able to catch that music  class on our next trip!


Cherry Picking June 27, 2010

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You’ve heard the expression life’s a bowl full of cherries! Well, here’s a real bowl of cherries for ya! We went cherry picking this weekend at a local orchard. Afterall, it was only a hot sunny day in the mid nineties! We had a family graduation party to attend with a few hours to spare prior, so we decided to hit up the orchard in the town next to where the party was being hosted. We always love to visit the orchard and it always provides some relatively cheap, old-fashioned entertainment. When we got to the orchard, we picked up our collecting bucket and headed on over to the cherry trees. I was excited by the height of the trees because as I held Fauxhawkboy the cherries were right at his level. I showed him how I pick the cherries from the branches and dropped them into Daddy’s bucket. I encouraged him to do the same. After a couple grabs he finally got one…and smushed it in his tiny fist. They are a lot softer than black cherries!

I decided to taste the one he smushed since it was ruined anyway. I knew we would be picking sour cherries, but boy was I shocked when it tasted like a sour lemon! We tried picking a few more but my boy doesn’t know his own strength and juiced those too. We finished picking and left the orchard with about a pound of cherries. We made sure not to pick too many as we weren’t sure what we would do with them quite yet. I googled sour cherry recipes and found one on for “Sour Cherry and Rasberry Cobbler”. The recipe seemed easy enough and we already had most of the ingredients in the house. The next day we ran to the store to buy rasberries and tapioca, and while Fauxhawkboy napped I halved and pitted the bowl full of cherries. That was the pits! Luckily, I finished before he woke was able to get it in the oven to bake. I was excited for Fauxhawkboy to taste the remaining cherries since it would be a new flavor for him. I think he was a little shocked! He made some silly faces and coughed a little from the sour surprise. I tried to give him some more in a teething bag but he wasn’t interested, and I can’t say I blame him. When the cobbler finished baking I shared some with Fauxhawksdaddy, my mom and of course Fauxhawkboy had a few bites of mine. We all enjoyed it and I was happily surprised with the recipe. It came out with a perfect balance of tart and sweet. It’s a great summer dessert and would be great with some vanilla ice cream. Until the peaches are ready….



Wordless Wednesday – The Fauxhawk is back! June 24, 2010

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Happy Father’s Day June 18, 2010

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there! It was great to see the “Christmas Eve” excitement on my husband’s face as he went to bed on Father’s Day Eve, knowing he would be waking up to a celebration of this amazing new bond and love that came with being a dad. We have a great day planned starting with church in the morning, a brunch at my parents house and then a BBQ at my in-laws. I know Fauxhawks Daddy will have an amazing day! I just wanted to share this picture I had made into a personalized Father’s Day card for him. I got the idea for this picture from Mama Joss over at She posted a similar pic of her Irish twins and their toys last year and I thought it was the cutest idea, so when she reposted it this year I couldn’t wait to re-create it with my little man! I knew Fauxhawks Daddy would just love this great keepsake for years to come, showing all of Fauxhawkboy’s favorite toys and of course our little drummer boy himself as the star of the photo!


Enter at Your Own Risk!

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Fingers Beware!!! They’re here! Fauxhawkboy’s first two teeth have arrived…and only two days apart! His two bottom teeth are in full grin! I tried to document those cute little baby teeth and I got these two shots in by the skin of my teeth before the mom-get-that-camera-out-of-my-face meltdown began! So…without further ado…his tiny teeth!


Wordless Wednesday! June 16, 2010

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I made this Parachute!

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Recently we attended a Gymboree class at a library near a friend’s house. The instructor lead the group to sing songs, play with finger puppets, maracas, scarves and then a parachute. Fauxhawkboy really enjoyed the parachute! At the class we shook it, and the parents gathered around with babies underneath and lifted it up and down over them. They smiled with delight and reached out for it in anticipation.  I decided we needed one for home, so I made one! After some strategic planning finding the area and circumference of a circle to figure out how much material to buy…I went to the store. I picked out red, purple, yellow and green chiffon. When I got home the mathematical planning went out the window…I’m not much of a math person! I cut eight large triangles and hoped for the best! My mom guided me through sewing the first two pieces together via phone-an-avid-sewer! I was excited to see the first two pieces come together and kept at it until all 8 pieces were turned into a full circle. The middle was a little rough looking since sewing the tiny triangle tips together precisely was nearly impossible for a beginning sewer like myself. I decided to patch it with a tiny red circle (it made a good cover up, shhhhhh!). Last, I zig zagged and straight stitched a seam around the circle to finish it up! I was so proud of my work and couldn’t wait for Fauxhawkboy to play with it! 


The next afternoon I took it out and shook it in front of him and he immediately seemed to enjoy it! I gave him one end of the circle and sat holding the opposite end. I shook it and he beamed with excitement. We continued to shake it and then played peek-a-boo with it. I draped it over him and sang a little Peek-a-boo song I made up and yanked it off his head quickly…he giggled when he saw me again! We had a blast playing with the parachute together. Our dog S-Dog even wanted to join in on the fun! Even if Fauxhawkboy never touches the parachute again, it was worth every stitch!

Can you see his face peaking through?!?!