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Wordless Wednesday February 24, 2010

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Fauxhawkboy & his Great Grammie


Blizzard 2010 February 12, 2010

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First the Snowpocalypse now the Blizzard of 2010! I thought only people in Alaska worried about blizzards. I haven’t had much luck in the snow this year so you can imagine my excitement to hear a blizzard was on it’s way! In the first major snowstorm of the year my house filled with natural gas fumes in the middle of the night with 20+ inches of snow on the ground and I had to call the gas company to come out at 2am while I was home alone with Fauxhawkboy. We wound up having to turn the heat off until it could be fixed so we bunckered down in the bedroom with space heaters. Two days later after another visit from the gas company and three volunteer firefighters the problem was fixed. A disconnected pipe!

My next unlucky snow incident was while we were on our fauxcation and I slipped on a patch of ice while holding Fauxhawkboy in the car seat. Besides a minor heart attack we were both ok. Now for the Snowpocalypse. We were back home for this storm totalling about 20 inches! I was determined to get Fauxhawkboy outside this time for a quick photo of him in the snow, especially since we usually don’t see this much snow all winter! I managed to build a quick snowman and then brought him out for a photo op! Silly, yes I know, but I was just happy that there were no major headaches that accompanied this storm!

Ok, that’s two major snow storms, now for the Blizzard of 2010! They were predicting another 18-24 inches on top of the foot that still remained from the Snowpocalypse. Naturally, I was excited to see the rain that started the storm. I was convinced that the weathermen had made a mistake or that the warm air coming off of the ocean would ward off the snow. Fauxhawksdaddy kept trying to tell me the “snow is coming”, but I wasn’t convinced. I finally came to the realization that both he and the weathermen were indeed correct when I looked out my window to see this…

and that was just the beginning! Without an official measure, I’d say about another 20 inches fell. I haven’t see this much snow in YEARS! I went out to shovel our walkway just to battle the cabin fever! Don’t worry I saved the hard work for Fauxhawksdaddy. When I finished my part I decided to bring some snow inside for Fauxhawkboy to play with while we cooked dinner. I’m pretty sure he liked exploring the cold wet stuff and even gave it the official taste test!

After dinner and a little relaxing Fauxhawksdaddy went out shovel. It was about 8:30pm.  We had a doctor’s appointment for Fauxhawkboy in the morning so we wanted to be sure we were able to get out in the morning without too much of a delay. Well, as I sat and watched from the window the next snow related trouble unfolded. The power went out! No power means no heat! AGAIN! The only difference is that this time I couldn’t use space heaters because they require electric! I was not happy! The last time we didn’t have heat for the night the temperature inside dropped from 70 degrees to 50 degrees. I waited for Fauxhawksdaddy to come inside to develop a plan, but as I watched him finish up the shoveling I noticed something kind of ironic. The ONLY people in our row of condos who were out shoveling were the ones with young children. It was like an unspoken collective panic button had gone off and everyone realized the importance of being able to escape the wrath of the blizzard if necessary! Better safe than sorry, I guess. When he finished up we talked and decided to close all of the interior doors in the house and decided we’d camp out in the living room to try to conserve heat. I brought out every candle I owned and lit them on the coffee table hoping to produce a little heat. I immediately dressed Fauxhawkboy in some thermals, pants, socks, onesie, and two long sleeve t-shirts. I watched our portable battery operated weather station that indicated that the temperature inside dropped 5 degrees in the first hour. I knew it was going to be a long night! We set up the pack and play in the living room, brought our comforters down from upstairs, blew out the candles and said good night! To our surprise the electric was restored around 10:30. Woo-hoo! I was excited, but knew it may not stay on for long so we decided to continue the camp out in the living room just in case. Thank goodness it did stay on so our heat was restored for the night. In the morning I read some status updates on Facebook that let me know it was safe to travel so we were able to make our doctor’s appointment in the morning without too much trouble. However, on the radio we heard a weather forecast calling for more SNOW in the upcoming week! NOOOOOOOOO!!!


Wordless Wednesday – Snow Play February 10, 2010

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Fauxcation February 4, 2010

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We took Fauxhawkboy on his first mini vacation this week…that’s why I call it a fauxcation. We left Monday morning and were home by Wednesday afternoon. Wow! Packing will never be the same again. I had prepared as much as possible the evening before to make for a smoother departure. I had everything possible piled high and ready to be loaded into the car in the morning. Clothes for me, clothes for Fauxhawkboy, toys, books, playmat, bouncy seat, bath supplies, pack and play, and the list goes on (and on and on). Hubby was also packed and ready to go. I had anticipated leaving around 9am and let’s just say I was a bit off schedule. By the time we had packed up the car, and had a fed and calm baby boy it was about 10:3o. I had to plan our departure accordingly around baby boy’s schedule so that he wouldn’t be too restless in the car. We all know nothing is more stressful than driving with a screaming baby in the backseat. Luckily, our timing was right and he slept for the first two and a half hours of the drive. When he woke up we stopped at a Dairy Queen/gas station/rest stop/chicken/sandwich joint to feed him and let him stretch before continuing to our destination…Rehobeth, DE. We go to Rehobeth every year so we are very familiar with the area! We couldn’t wait to take Fauxhawkboy out to our favorite brewery/restaurant in town, Dogfish Head. I had even packed him his very own Dogfish Head shirt to wear for his first visit there. When we finally settled in I sent Fauxhawk’s Daddy out for some LUNCH! I was starving. He went to pick up some sandwiches at the local deli and while he was gone I got the worst text. It was hubs saying that he had called Dogfish Head to see if they were open (some places are closed on Monday nights in the off-season) and they said they were closed until February 10. NOOOOOO!!!!! We were disappointed to say the least. Fauxhawkboys t-shirt will have to wait until March to make its big debut. We ate our lunch, unpacked, and then decided on a substitute dinner plan. We decided on Finbar on Rehobeth Ave conveniently located next to Dogfish Head. It was the closest we could get to the real thing, literally! It was a nice atmosphere and the menu was just what we were looking for. We had blue crab dip for an appetizer, Fauxhawks Daddy had a reuben and I had an American burger with swiss cheese, onions, and bacon. Fauxhawkboy did great too. He sat in my lap taking in the new surroundings and flirting with the waitress. Here’s a picture of us at Finbar.

We wound up high tailing it out of there before Fauxhawkboy got too sleepy and cranky! Perfect timing! We picked up dessert at the local Giant and headed home. Fauxhawkboy slept remarkably well considering the new environment. The next morning we had plans to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, simply a must in Rehobeth. We headed out of the house around 10am. I had the car seat in hand and hubs was locking up. I held the doorway as I descended the porch so I wouldn’t slip on the snow-covered stairs. Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? Maybe I should’ve told Fauxhawks Daddy because he continued to close the door with my fingers still in the crack. I screamed. He opened the door. My fingers were dented. No major crisis. I continue to walk around the car watching each step carefully and before I know it I’m on the ground and the car seat is on its side. Ugh! I slipped and fell on the icy driveway. Thank goodness Fauxhawkboy was unaffected. He didn’t even cry or fuss. I did. I couldn’t believe I fell with him. I wasn’t hurt, I was just in shock that after being so careful I still fell so unexpectedly. The rest of breakfast went off without a hitch and again due to good planning Fauxhawkboy slept right through our meal. A trip to Rehobeth also wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the outlets. So, I stopped at the Children’s Place and picked up two outfits for Fauxhawkboy. One pair of camouflage pants, a pair of jeans, black fleece zip up and a college t-shirt with thermal sleeves underneath all in 18 months for $11.96. How’s that for a bargain? We relaxed at home for the rest of the day with our little couch potato!

We headed home on Wednesday morning. Again it was all about the careful planning! I wanted to avoid crying on the car ride home if at all possible. Well…I kind of did! Fauxhawkboy slept almost the entire way home and didn’t even cry when he woke up 15 minutes from home. Fauxhawks Daddy on the other hand didn’t do so well. He cried half the way home about having to pee….well let’s just say I’ve learned from the great Uncle Jim and wasn’t about to waste time stopping if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Don’t worry we all made it home in one piece! Our first fauxcation was a great one. It was nice for all of us to get away together and just enjoy being a family.