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Beating Cabin Fever January 27, 2010

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Wordless Wednesday

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Daddy gets the Giggles January 23, 2010

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Mommy wakes up with me at night,

Daddy gets the giggles.

Mommy comforts me when I cry,

Daddy gets the giggles.

Mommy changes my diapers,

Daddy gets the giggles.

Mommy puts me to sleep when I’m tired,

Daddy gets the giggles.

Mommy gives me a bath, 

Daddy gets the giggles.

Mommy reads to me,

Daddy gets the giggles.

Mommy plays with me all day,

Daddy gets the giggles.


Wordless Wednesday January 21, 2010

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Fauxhawkboy's first haircut!


Please Look but Don’t Touch! January 18, 2010

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I was thinking of writing a blog post the other day entitled “Smile, nod, take a step back!”. The post was going to be about creepy peeps out in public that play I Spy a baby. You know the ones I’m talking about. They often turn their heads just for a peak at your baby, they peer into your stroller, and often ask you questions about your baby. Well, there is a VERY fine line between what is flattering and what is just creepy. Maybe some examples will help. Example #1 I’m grocery shopping, you happen to be in the same aisle, you see my baby, while maintaining a safe distance you compliment how good he’s being while mom shops. This is both acceptable and flattering. As a new mom it makes me feel like I at least appear to “have it together!” Example #2 I’m grocery shopping, you happen to be in the same aisle, you see my baby, you whip your head around and begin to backtrack (passed the Corn Pops which you just picked up) and lean in closer while speedily talking about my son’s hat long enough for me to notice you need to see a dentist. This example is both unacceptable and creepy. You have now alerted my mom sense and I will no longer catch myself in the same aisle as you, or the same check out line! So…now I have learned to “smile” when you notice my baby, “nod” when you talk about my baby (even if a response is rendered), and “take a step back” before you get too close for my liking.
Well, I’m not sure what happened today but my mom sense failed me! I was shopping for items my church is collecting to send to earthquake victims in Haiti. I found all of the items on my list and was ready to check out. Fauxhawkboy was bundled up in his car seat and in the back of a shopping cart. He was awake and happy. A store employee happens to be walking by as I enter a check out line. Before I knew it she was reaching into the cart and shoving Fauxhawksboy’s pacifier back into his mouth! Ahhhhhh! I couldn’t believe it. How didn’t I see this coming?Why did she think this was ok? He was perfectly happy! Why are you disturbing him? I wanted to die thinking of where her hands have been and how they not only touched his pacifier, but it was already in his mouth! Mom sense FAIL! The expression on my wordless face as I watched her walk away must have been truly priceless. This has been Example # 3. This example is just wrong. It passes right by creepy and over steps every boundary I have set up! Jacket, check. Hat, check. Bundle me, check. Car seat, check. Shopping cart, check. Apparently I need some yellow “Do not cross” tape to wrap around my cart next time. I’ll work on that! But for now, I’ll have to keep these words ready, “Please look, but don’t touch!”


Wordless Wednesday January 13, 2010

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Teething can be cute January 12, 2010

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Lately all Fauxhawkboy wants to do is chew, chew, chew! He’s one week shy of being three months old and I think he’s teething already! I know it can be months before his teeth actually break the surface, but I wasn’t ready for teething to begin so soon! I also didn’t think teething could be so cute (I’ll no doubt be eating those words a few months from now)! His favorite chew toy is his hands of course, but being the over zealous mom that I am I ran out to buy him his first teethers! I was originally thinking of buying him the traditional teething ring with the liquid inside each bubble, but then realized that would be the best choice for his tiny hands to handle! The bubbles were far too wide for his tiny fingers!I went with the Bright Starts teethers instead. They are much narrower and far more practical for a younger teether! He still prefers his hands and I think he’s still a little confused at times at why I’m not giving him the pacifier as he tries to suck on the teether instead of chewing on it. I’m sure he’ll have the hang of it in no time…hopefully before those first teeth start cutting throuh so I can enjoy the cuteness of teething a little longer!