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faux hawk boy’s 1st Christmas! December 27, 2009

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What an eventful few days! We were lucky enough to introduce faux hawk boy to more of our family. Of course everyone’s first reactions were the same, “Look at that hair!”. He was so spoiled this year! I never imagined the challenge of coming home and making room for new toys…and he’s only two months old! Nevermind, I must have untwisted at least 50 twisty ties to get those toys out of the Fort Knox inspired packages! We’re off again today to another family member’s house for more introductions and Christmas celebrations! I’ll post more soon about some of faux hawk boy’s favorite gifts!


First post December 23, 2009

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My first post! I’m excited to be starting my own blog. I’ve been reading so many blogs of other mommies and now I finally have one of my own! I am so interested in the blog world and am only beginning to get my feet wet. I can’t wait to learn more about posting graphics, links, and other cool finds. I hope to find other moms to join my blog that also need some sanity outside of feeding, diapering, and napping! It’s so great to know other moms are out there experiencing the same things!